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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wins = ALL-STARs (except in Pittsburg)

All-Stars: With only a few games left to the final selection of all-stars I thought I would look in and see how my favorite River Rats were doing. The answer was they weren't. Which made me wonder who was. Well, here is the run down for the the top teams in each League. The races are pretty tight in the NL with only 3 wins seperating team 2 from team 8.

Seattle with 54 wins - 6 all stars
Cleveland with 49 wins and 2 all-stars
Pittsburg 49 wins and 0 all-stars
New Britain - 48 wins - 5 all stars
Mexico City - 48 wins - 2 all stars
Chicago - 48 wins - 4 all stars
Austin - 46 wins - 3 all stars
St Louis - 46 wins - 5 all stars

So out of 30 all star slots 27 are from teams in the top 8 and 2 of the other 3 come from the NL east 2nd place grasshoppers (behind the River Rats who have no allstars?). Now I'm more confused than before.

In the AL the teams are more diverse with only 6 teams with winning records

Colorodo with 58 - 6 all stars
San Jaun with 54 - 7 all stars
Baltimore with 54 - 5 all stars
Los Vegas with 53 - 4 all stars
Nashville with 49 - 1 all star
Omaha with 45 - 1 all star

So in the AL these 6 teams have 24 of the 30 allstars - So it seems that if you want to win games you need to have all-stars - home grown or purchased - OR you need to have a team in Pittsburg

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  1. since this piece was posted Josias Delgado, the river rats closer, has moved onto the potential All-star squad