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Sunday, February 20, 2011

injury update 2/20/11

The trading deadline has passed, fatigue is setting in, the season is winding down and the injuries should be up - but they are not. Mexico City lost Darren Brooks for the season right after the last posting but other than that the injuries have been more short duration. The Rats dipped into the remaining free agents to pick up a bat to replace the 2 players on the 15 day DL (and to prevent further fatigue). Still the last 10 days have been eerily quiet. ?The quiet before the storm?

Friday, February 11, 2011


Well, it has been 3 weeks since the last update and the players have not slackened the pace of injury - just the reporters have. Since it is now past the trade deadline finding replacements just gets harder. Going down: reliever Albert Perez who is a minor lose for Oakland but potentially terminal to Mr Perez career. New Orleans lost Jorge Feliz, a less than .5oo pitcher, until the September stretch. The Associates lost another pitcher on 2/1 for the rest of the season . Then on 2/2 Baltimore, Colorodo Springs, and Colorodo all had a pitcher bite the pines for most of the rest of the year. While none of these loses were of Cy Young quality they do hurt - particularly in the part of the schedule with little rest.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What the heck were they thinking?

Who wants a guy who hit 90 dingers and drove in 300 runs in the last 2 seasons? Thats what GM elgman was asking at the start of this season. The phone rings, elgman picks it up and who else but Syracuse GM yoijames is on the other end proclaiming he wants Clint Stern and what is it going to take? Simple says elgman, I want 2 young stud prospects. After a little back and forth the 2 teams decide on Darby Gant and Rob Gross. The deal is done and 3 possible superstars put their homes on the market and move their family's into rental homes and new school districts for their children. How will this turn out for the 2 franchises. Well the Grasshoppers have 2 players that will probably play in this seasons all star game and one of them is Stern. On the other hand Gant and Gross are throwing up huge numbers in AAA and should be making an impact in the bigs shortly. Another case of one club trying to win now and the other planning on winning later. With both clubs struggling below .500 ball with the all star game just around the corner it apears Syracuse's win now moves are not working. It will be a while before Charlotte's moves can be evaluated.

Wins = ALL-STARs (except in Pittsburg)

All-Stars: With only a few games left to the final selection of all-stars I thought I would look in and see how my favorite River Rats were doing. The answer was they weren't. Which made me wonder who was. Well, here is the run down for the the top teams in each League. The races are pretty tight in the NL with only 3 wins seperating team 2 from team 8.

Seattle with 54 wins - 6 all stars
Cleveland with 49 wins and 2 all-stars
Pittsburg 49 wins and 0 all-stars
New Britain - 48 wins - 5 all stars
Mexico City - 48 wins - 2 all stars
Chicago - 48 wins - 4 all stars
Austin - 46 wins - 3 all stars
St Louis - 46 wins - 5 all stars

So out of 30 all star slots 27 are from teams in the top 8 and 2 of the other 3 come from the NL east 2nd place grasshoppers (behind the River Rats who have no allstars?). Now I'm more confused than before.

In the AL the teams are more diverse with only 6 teams with winning records

Colorodo with 58 - 6 all stars
San Jaun with 54 - 7 all stars
Baltimore with 54 - 5 all stars
Los Vegas with 53 - 4 all stars
Nashville with 49 - 1 all star
Omaha with 45 - 1 all star

So in the AL these 6 teams have 24 of the 30 allstars - So it seems that if you want to win games you need to have all-stars - home grown or purchased - OR you need to have a team in Pittsburg

Monday, January 31, 2011

What the heck were they thinking?

Pitching prospect versus position prospect. What do you value more. Apparently GM Saffron likes pitching and GM elgman likes a solid everyday player. This was proved in the Tony Benavente for Zachrey Todd deal.

Charlotte obtained 3B Benavente who was the 31st overall pick in season 11. Tony had spent the last 3 seasons with the Woods big league club but started this season in AAA as Saffron decided to go with Gary Mabry this season. In his 246 games in the majors Tony hit .269 with 30 homers.

Cleveland picked up 21 year old starting pitcher Todd who was the 38th overall pick last season. Zachrey has a horrible rookie season going 2 and 12 with a 7.56 era. Todd was assigned to the Woods Low A ballclub.

Both clubs are very happy with the initial results of the trade as both players have picked up their game with the change of scenery. Benavente is hitting .348 after 72 games and Todd is 6 and 2 with a 2.59 era. Sometimes everybody wins. This may be a case in point.

What the heck were they thinking?

Pittsburgh and Kansas City completed a one for one trade of young Major League talent. The River Rats moved defensive SS Bruce Mercedes to the Golden Ox for Left handed starting pitcher Orber Guerrero. Mercedes a 1st round pick in season 12 had seen limited playing time in 2 seasons with Pittsburgh. Guerrero signed as an international free agent in season 11 at the age of 18 did not spend much time in the minors. Called up to the show at the ripe old age of 20 he has 5 full major league seasons of 30 plus starts. Despite an overall major league record of 42 and 83 going into this season Orber is generally considered the better player in the deal. Why then did Kansas City move him? One word: signability. Insiders say that Guerrero's agent has his heart set on testing the free agent market. Even thou Guerrero loved the Kansas City fans and was a strong role model within the Dominican community he has decided to listen to his agent. This is probably based on the 12 million signing bonus his agent got him back in season 11. The question is can GM grivfmd1 convince his agent to sign a multi year deal. It is this reporters view that if Pittsburg can resign Orber than they win the deal. If he chooses free agency than the slight edge swings back to Kansas City.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What the heck were they thinking?

First year GM scootermcray took one look at his ball club and decided it was a good time to rebuild. When first year GM yojames took his first look at his ballclub he decided "Win now Baby". Case in point the Pablo Maduro and Carl Thurman for Paul Hukata and Kenneth Simmons deal. Veterans for prospects plain and simple.

The Grasshoppers picked up 2 seasoned vets that were former 1st round draft picks back in season 7. Maduro a carear .298 hitter in 8 big league seasons is off to a good 1st half in season 18 hitting .304 with 11 dingers and 52 rbi's. Thurman a carear .280 hitter over parts of 11 big league seasons has never lived up to his potential. The former University of Richmond star was the 6th overall pick of the season 7 draft and decided to forego his senior year. Everyone expected him to be a 30 HR 30 SB guy. yojames is hoping the change of scenery in Syracuse will help ignite his carear. Since the trade Carl is hitting .257 with 8 longballs and 34 rbi's.

The Maize and Blue definately got younger. Hukata 23, from Japan, signed as an international free agent in season 13 receiving an 8 million dollar signing bonus. Milwaukee currently has Paul at AAA and the results have been promising. 10 saves, 2.50 era and 0.81 whip. Simmons 22, was the 12th pick overall in the season 16 draft after his sophmore year at Mid-state Technical College. Ken finished season 17 at AA with Syracuse but Milwaukee placed him with their High A ball club. Not happy with the demotion Ken got off to a slow start but things have gotten better and he currently has 12 saves, 3.76 era and 1.01 whip. He also has 43 k's in 40 innings.

Time will only tell who wins this deal but it seems both GM's got what they wanted.